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Vacature School Management & Leadership Advisor Afrika en Azië

School Management & Leadership Advisor

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Naam schoolOntwikkelingsorganisatie VSO Nederland PlaatsAfrika en Azië
SectorBasisonderwijs FunctieGroepsleerkracht
Geplaatst op16-02-2017 FTE5
FunctieverbandFulltime DienstverbandTijdelijk
IngangsdatumNegotiable Reageren tot16-04-2017
Ontwikkelingsorganisatie VSO Nederland zoekt een School Management & Leadership Advisor met ingang van negotiable in Afrika en Azië.
School Management & Leadership Advisor in Asia and Africa
Location: several regions in Africa and Asia | Duration: 12-24 months | Startdate: Negotiable

VSO is looking for School Management & Leadership Advisor. We offer several placements for the duration of at least 12 months. 
Role overview
To support the development of school leadership and management at school levels to significantly increase capacity of principals and deputy principals to support primary grade teachers in language and literacy. The success of this project will pivot around the ability of this project to improve school leadership given the strong evidence that equates the quality of leadership to school improvement and learning. To create an environment that will support the improvement of language teaching and learning, school leadership has to address in-classroom factors, such as teaching and resources; in-school factors, such as leadership and management; and out-of-school factors, such as parental involvement and socio-economic circumstances. The inclusion of both school principals as well as deputy principals will ensure that developed competencies and resources are continuously available at each school.
Skills, qualifications and experience required
• An education degree or Post-Graduate certificate of education
• At least 6 years’ experience of school leadership or education management focused on improving language learning outcomes and strengthening school management
• Fluent English speaker
• Good written skills in English
• Capability to produce accurate, reflective reports with reference to qualitative and quantitative data
• Key qualities of relationship-building, adaptability and resilience

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